UK Government Begins Open Consultations on Trade Negotiations with the United States

Posted July 24, 2018

Announcement from the Department for International Trade Website

"The UK is preparing for an independent trade policy to implement after EU Exit. This means the UK will have the opportunity to negotiate and enter into trade agreements with other countries.

These agreements can:

- enable increased trade and investment

- secure access for UK exporters to the key markets of today and the future

- give consumers access to a greater range of products at lower prices

- make the UK more innovative, competitive and prosperous;

The Department for International Trade is preparing for possible negotiations with the US after the UK leaves the EU on the 29 March 2019. The UK government is consulting with members of the public, businesses, trade experts, and any other interested organisations to help inform this work.

This agreed consultation will help to inform our overall approach to our future trade relationship and trade negotiations with the US."

More information on the consultations can be found here.