British and American Business Leaders Welcome Moves to Strengthen US-UK Ties

Posted January 27, 2017

Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO of the British-American Business Council has welcomed the official visit of UK Prime Minister Theresa May to the White House to meet with US President Donald Trump.

Friday’s visit, the first by a foreign leader since the inauguration of President Trump, is expected to focus on strengthening ties between the US and UK for trade, investment and security.

 “Each day a million British people go to work in the UK for a US headquartered company, just as a million Americans go to work every day for a British headquartered company in the US,” said Briginshaw.

“The business activities of the thousands of companies that day in, day out, trade and invest across our borders, strengthen the ties between our respective economies, and bring prosperity to the citizens of both countries.

“As the United Kingdom prepares to leave the EU, and with a new Administration in Washington D.C., we encourage both leaders to use this historic opportunity to put discussions for a future bilateral trade agreement, that provide benefits for both countries, firmly on the table.

“Our members remain ambitious and upbeat about the transatlantic business relationship and look forward to both leaders forging closer business ties that enhance the special relationship.”