A Fair and Competitive Global Britain

Posted January 23, 2017

Following the remarks given by UK Prime Minister May, The British-American Business Counil is committed to help building a fair, competitive and global United Kingdom.

Commenting on the recent speech from Prime Minister Theresa May, Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO of The British-American Business Council, stated:

“We welcome the clarity provided by the Prime Minister today in her remarks on the UK’s objectives in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Our members are fully committed to help building a fair, competitive and global Britain that works in partnership with the EU and other countries in the world.

“The decision to leave the EU has undoubtedly created and continues to create substantial challenges for our members, many who use the UK as a ‘gateway’ to the EU and who provide substantial jobs and growth for the UK. We have yet to see what the possible outcomes of the negotiations will be. Until then, our members will continue with their contingency plans reflecting all possible scenarios.

“Our members remain ambitious when it comes to their activities in the UK and the EU. We therefore support the Prime Minister’s objective to negotiate an agreement that creates as few barriers and provides as much access as possible, particularly for those companies who have integrated supply and distribution chains across border, and transitional agreements that reflect the complexity of different sectors.

As the UK and EU re-define their relationship, new and forward looking solutions will have to be found that serve business and build on the respective strengths of the UK and EU. We look forward to working closely with the Government to provide advice and support. The UK’s relationship with the EU must work for business”.