Visa Services for Exchange Visitors: Trainees and Interns

Through our J-1 Visa Program, the British-American Business Council provides Exchange Visitors and Host Companies with the opportunity for qualified employees and/or interns – of any nationality, from anywhere in the world – in to train in the United States. For more information contact Kate Morgan on +1 212 661 4064.


  • Reliable: authorized by the U.S. Department of State as an official Sponsor since 1986;
  • Quick: can process draft-approved applications within 5 business days;
  • Cost-Effective; Fee Schedule
  • User-Friendly: all administration/logistics handled by the J-1 Program Administrator at BritishAmerican Business on behalf of BABC.


  • Provide U.S. work experience/training to employees/interns;
  • Overcome cross-cultural differences and improve communication between U.S. and overseas offices;
  • Enhance employee recruitment/retention by offering U.S. assignments.


  • Open to all nationalities, and to employees based anywhere in the world;
  • Period of up to 18 months for trainees and 12 months for interns;
  • Company must have business relationship with UK;
  • Business Sectors include: Management, Business, Commerce, Finance, Law, Industry, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Information, Media & Communications.